Vee Quiva Casino

Address: Vee Quiva 6443 Komatke Lane Laveen, AZ 85339
Phone: 800-WIN-GILA

Gila River Casino at Laveen Vee Quiva property details section: This casino is a Native American Indian casino and is located in Laveen, Arizona. Gila River Casino


BY: Nora V.
This is not I repeat NOT a casino for someone trying to get their Vegas on with a quick trip to the casino. This is the Laughlin fix. Just a place to hang late at night where you can walk around & spend a 20 spot or 2 on some machines & late night munchies. This is a no frills casino & crowd. Don't dress up even on a Saturday night. That is all for now.

BY Cher T. I never win.
Except once... but the machine was broken. They took their money back. Now I'm sad. Thanks for reminding me.: Cher T.

BY Ian M. This was a nice casino experience. It wasn't as loud as Las Vegas. The food was really greasy and made me a bit sick. Admittedly, I chose to eat at the fast food place inside the casino, but ah well. I still had a great time. I don't really gamble, so I only came out $10 ahead, but it was still fun.

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