Normandie Casino

Address: 1045 West Rosecrans Ave. Gardena, CA 90247

Phone: 310-352-3400

Normandie Casino Just a few years after the first big casino was built in Las Vegas and before Indian casinos began dotting the Southern California landscape, the Western Club ...


BY: Daniel B-

I'll start with the first aspect I like about Normandie Casino, which is a spacious and well lit parking lot with valet services available. The next thing I look for is variety of card games, at reasonable buy-in limits, and again, Normandie Casino delivers. Now to take a look closer, I like to see friendly staff, professional dealers, and happy players, and I don't care if this becomes redundant because Normandie Casino knocks it out of the park when it comes to maintaining an exciting atmosphere that makes it a pleasure to come and play cards.

Now I must mention the overwhelming highlight to the Normandie Casino Experience. Their weekly poker tournaments, which have received a much appreciated revamp over the recent months. Specifically the Friday 7pm tournament with a $0.00 entry fee $30 buy-in +$10 staff bonus (worth 2k extra starting chips, for a total of 6k), and to top it off with a $3000 guaranteed prize pool, is just insane! I haven't missed this tournament since it has been introduced.

Any casino can try to throw a tournament with the same type of structure and payouts, but what sets Normandie Casino above the rest is the high quality players who turn out every Friday. The combination of great players, and wonderful staff is truly a recipe for a great experience, and that is what I have come to expect every time I visit.

Overall, just a great place for some fun with friends in a superb casino among awesome dealers with a lot of personality, and some of the best tournament directors one could ask for.

By Foodie:

Wish yelp would give the option of NO stars. I was completely disgusted & astonished w/the level of sanitation w/the kitchen (please refer to my photo posted #metal ball in my fork & a piece of green onion on the spoon). So disgusted I had to post the picture twice. I highly recommend anyone eating here to get plastic utensils or better yet...don't eat here at all.  

Ladies ordering cocktail, I highly recommend you check your glass before drinking as I have been served with a filthy glass #lipstick still on the glass #gross


BY: Patrick M.

When I first moved to LA I went exploring and checked out all the area casinos and I visited this place in the middle of the day on a Tuesday.  The place was empty and the neighbor hood seemed a bit sketchy.  There didn't seem to be a lot around, so I never bothered going back.  I should have though.  

I stopped by on a Friday night, looking for another casino to review.  The neighborhood wasn't the dark secluded area that it seemed in the day.  It was a very well lit, and active commercial with a bunch of fast food joints and a shopping center across the street.  The parking lot was really big and really well lit.  I felt completely safe, and wasn't worried at all leaving my car.  And it's so damn quick to get to!  I'll probably come by more frequently.  After turning south from I-105 onto I-110, you go two exits to Rosecrans, then turn right and you're in the parking lot in twenty seconds.

There was a lot of foot traffic outside the casino doors with people coming and going, I didn't see anyone being chased out of the dorr with a bat.  So that was good.  When I got inside I was greated to a very lively active poker club.  As you walk in there's a bar straight ahead.  To the left is the non-poker table games, and right next to the door to the right is the floor man's desk where you sign up for the games you want to play.  I put my name on the $2/$4 limit hold'em list.  I only had to wait ten minutes or so before I was seated at one of two tables they had going.  Similar to the Hustler Casino, there wasn't a $1/$2 LHE game.  

I grabbed a beer while I waited, but unfortunately you can't hear you name being called while you were at the bar, so I had to stand in the poker area while drinking my beer.  

When I was seated, I was surprised at how clean the tables and chips seemed.  It was like the place had just opened.  Maybe it's a Gardena thing, but there was only one big blind and no small blind.  Also you don't have to post when you first sit down, so you could theoretically sit done in the cutoff seat, play a whole orbit and get up before you post the big blind, and you'd get to see seven hands for free.  Of course all the players would think you were a freakin' A-hole.  Anyways, both of those features made if just like the Hustler Club, as well as the $4 drop per pot.  I wish Hawaiian Gardens was closer, I like the $3 drop.  Maybe since these two places are so close they tend to have the same procedures, or maybe it's a local ordinance or some such.

Some of the dealers seemed a bit inexperienced.  They weren't incompetent though, just not as efficient and robot like the dealers at the Commerce.  

Most of the players were your typical poor small stakes players, calling stations, timid play.  Except one guy who was trying to put everyone on tilt by posted a live straddle every time he was under the gun.  From the way he played you'd think he was good, but his game plan was poorly executed.  A couple of the guys were rebuying quite a bit, so it seemed in general that the play was typical of other casinos in the area.  

One thing I forgot to look for, but didn't immediately see, as any CardPlayer magazines.  Usually casinos will have these in big stacks for the players to read while they wait for their game.  Maybe there aren't any at this place.  I'll have to go back and look.

Update:  I checked this time around, they don't any magazines


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