Mazatzal Casino

Highway 87 - Mile Marker 251 Payson, AZ 85541

Phone: 800-777-7529

Mazatzal Casino Mazatzal Hotel & Casino in Payson, Arizona is ready to provide slot machines, table games, blackjack, poker, bingo, and more in Payson, AZ


BY Purpleherbalwear: o yeah! I got to compliment them on their restaurant! great food and service all around. my favorite, which I can't explain its deliciousness, is the chicken Caesar dinner salad mmm... comes with rolls. any other items are good to try. for the experience there, I gotta say its really great for a weekend getaway "stay in the pines" as they say ;) nice pool, music some nights at the bar, bingo, keno, and black jack. I only wish they had more activities on the property such as non gambling for families. other then that a fantastic time away from my business! the rooms were well kept and whole casino staff friendly to help. uh maybe more promotions for guest. and more entertainment. that gives it a four but room for improvement

BY Rilee S: I don't gamble, so for me this place was perfect. Five dollar bets on blackjack and a very cute dealer who was nice enough to not make me feel like a complete ass. Plus cheap drinks and decent bar food. Can't miss!

BY Jenny K. - When my mom needed to use a restroom after we took a hike near Payson, Arizona, I suggested that we use the one at the casino since I figured that they would be plentiful and it might be a fun opportunity to play some blackjack.

In retrospect, I would equate my suggesting the Mazatzal Casino to my mother with dragging her to a titty bar because she wanted chicken wings.

Bad idea, my friends.  Don't do it ....

BY Laura S: My boyfriend and I took a weekend trip up to the cool pines of Payson.  He booked us a nice room at Mazatzal Casino.  

The room was a huge suite with standard basic hotel furniture decor.  Nothing high end or special, but the room was very clean and had flat screen TV's in the living area and bedroom.  

The casino was a casino... you've been in one then you've been in them all.  

The restaurant was also nice and clean.... hardly "fine dining", but there was a nice menu selection which included lobster, king crab, and filet mignon.  

I ordered the prime rib and garlic mashed potatoes which came with a side of broccoli and the soup & salad bar.   My boyfriend ordered the half rack of BBQ ribs and the garlic pasta.  Both meals were served hot and very tasty!    The salad bar had a nice selection of salad fixings and was clean and well stocked.  

The server was really friendly and polite.

During our stay, we also tried out the take out/fast food area, which was not a good experience.  We brought two slices of pizza and a hot dog & onion rings to our room for a late night snack.  I would have been happy to wait the extra 3 minutes it would have taken to COOK the hot dog.  It was barely room temperature... and due to already getting in my comfy clothes, not worth the trek back to ask for another one.  The staff did not impress me as the type who would be 'happy' to get me another one.   They were barely happy to take my order.

In the far back parking lot, there's an old school bus that sells indian fry bread... TRY IT!!   It's amazing!!!

All in all, it's a nice place to stay!!

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