Hustler Casino

Address: 1000 West Redondo Beach Blvd. Gardena, CA 90247

Phone: 877-968-9800

Hustler Casino If you haven't yet been to Hustler Casino, Larry Flynt invites you to see why people from all ... Los Angeles and Staples Center, in the celebrated city of Gardena.


BY: Ayami H.-

Don't let the name fool you... there are no naked ladies or porn stars running around... Yes, that is what I was expecting and that is the reason why I never played at this casino. Someone assured me that wasnt the case so I decided to go only after he promised we would leave if there were any porn stars laying around.

The place seemed very classy. Small, but vegas-y. The dealers are super nice, especially the female ones that always ask me what I'm doing play cards on a saturday night... What they dont know is that it's either casino... or video games.

I prefer the other casino that feeds you for free... this one is nice but a bit too far for me


By Deez N:

I rubbed one out the other day. A genie, that is -- from an old lamp I bought at a garage sale for two-fitty. But because of the shitty economy, I was only allowed to make one wish.

Me: I wanna win the lottery.
Genie: Granted.
Me: Nice.
Genie: In 50 yrs, one day before you die, you will win the lottery.
Me: Aw, shit.
Genie: What?
Me: That was a dumb wish.
Genie: Why?
Me: I should've just asked for like millions of instant dollars, take home.
Genie: You wanna change your wish?
Me: Can I do that?
Genie: Of course not.
Me: Then why'd you ask me, you corn hole?
Genie: Corn hole? You just lost your wish, buddy.
Me: Good! You can take that welfare wish and shove it up your ass!
Voice of Second Genie: Whoa, whoa, take it easy fellas.

From the lamp emerged a Second Genie.

Me: Who's this guy?
First Genie: Just another genie.
Second Genie: I'm his roommate.
First Genie: No, you're not. You're just crashing here 'cause you went through a foreclosure.
Second Genie: The bank took my lamp.
Me: Bummer.
Second Genie: Forget it. Listen, I hate to see a guy leave unhappy. Would you settle for twenty-six hundred bucks?
Me: Sure!
Second Genie: Done. If anybody asks, you went to the Blackjack Lounge at Hustler this past weekend and played lights out in that ridiculous no-bust 21 they got over there.
Me: Cool! Thanks, dude. (To First Genie) Do I still win the lottery in 50 years?
First Genie: Sure, what the hell.

You hear that, ladies? For like a day in the year 2062, you can sleep with a crusty old millionaire. But for now, you'll have to settle for a hot stud with an extra $2,600 in his pocket.

I'm a hustla baby!

BY: Chris C.

I came here after work, Tuesday, after 6pm. Sick of traffic, I decided to stop by and play some blackjack

- Off the 101. Close to the freeway
- Horrible parking. You'll by lucky if you find a spot the first time around.
- Glamorous LA casino.
- No bust-black jack. Only 2 to 1 pay out would be if you get a 2 jokers. such a joke!
- Joker + any card is a natural 21.
- Even money blackjack
- Get $30 free when you sign up to play at the blackjack lounge. opens at 7pm
- Each $10 free chip, they collect $1.
- Reminds me of the pleasure pit at planet hollywood.
- Bathroom reminds me of a club. Butler handing me paper towels when I washed my hands.
- Tight security. Safe.
- Better than HG and Commerce casino

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