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Hon-Dah Casino ....to Hon-Dah Resort-Casino and Conference Center, located in the White Mountains of east-central Arizona. We are located in the cool pines at an elevation of ...


BY: Aimee.-

My fam and I didn't stay at the resort but we frequented the casino more then a couple times this weekend. Haha! Winner winner chicken dinner!

We had more then a little fun as well. I am pretty sure that if you had seen us playing the Hangover slot machine you would have thought we were drunk or out of our minds. Drunk on orange soda and yes out of our minds for sure!

We had a blast, off in the corn by ourselves. And these slot machines we found were the new kind that had the speakers in the seats and four games in one.... its hard to explain, but they were loud, made us loud and were fun. Must find one of these games in the valley pronto!

Hon-Dah is fun, because it's never too busy, lots of slots to choose from, and even a nonsmoking slot room if you choose.

BY: Inger S..- My husband and son liked the prime rib. And thats about the only good thing I have to say about the restaurant. The buffet cost $19.95 per person, which would be reasonable if there were plenty items to choose from. But there was not. I dont eat prime rib so I choose pork chops. Yuck. I think they were steamed. No flavor and so tough that I think my own boots were easier to chew. For veggies they had yams, baked potatoes and corn. Not a whole lot of variety there either. For dessert they had a bunch of pie pieces siting on a table. Not in a cooler or even behind a sneeze guard. I found 2 pieces of layered cake and opted to try one of those. It was so dry I could barely swallow.
The service was pathetic. The hostess led us to a table, dumped the menus on the corner of the table and walked off without so much as looking at us. Our waitress was rarely to be found for drink refills or napkins. And even before we got to the dessert she dropped our ticket at the table. Like she couldnt get us out of there fast enough.
The waitresses seemed to busy standing around in groups gossiping to actually do their jobs.

After we left we didnt even make it an hour before dinner decided it would no longer agree with us. We spent the better part of an hour long Walmart visit in the bathrooms.

BY: Chris E. I can speak only to the hotel and Indian Pines restaurant.  Casinos, bars, floor shows with tribute bands or country western acts are distant specks in my personal rear-view mirror.  

The hotel has a lodge atmosphere.  Rustic, wood and stone finish, and giant fireplace blazing in winter.   There'sa natural history museum worth of exhibits decorating the lobby waterfall/fountain: bear up a tree, a lightweight Boone and Crockett elk, turkeys, lion, bobcat and fox.

The Conference Center can easily seat 100 people.  There's plenty of space out by the elk and bear for exhibits.  There's also a czoy little full service bar when your conference comes to Hon Dah.  Otherwise its locked up.  The gift store however, keeps normal hours, full of the items hotel gift stores have, plus Native American arts and crafts.  

Hotel rooms are spacious and decently comfortable.  There is  unsecure wireless with password access through the hotel portal.  There's a microwave, small refrigerator, coffee pot and micro-bar sink.  The TV is old-school tubed.  Heating and cooling is by a central system shutting off at the proper temperature, not roaring, whining and humming from the window like a pride of lions haunted by killer bees.  I like that a lot.  Prices are presently offered at the "Manager's Special" meaning my moderate expense account can afford the rates.

Did I ever tell you about the time it took over an hour for someone to come to the table and take an order?  I won't.  

That doesn''t happen at the Indian Pines Restaurant.  Be forewarned my friends, table assignments for the wait staff seem to be random.  One evening I was seated in an adjacent booth immediately after a woman and her husband were seated.  Their server was a little late arriving.  My server was prompt.  The lady next door believed my server should have taken their order first, stormed into a waiting area, had a Lonngg conversation with the manager, and may be getting a Yelp* account to vent the experience.  Patience and quiet observation are two good traits to add to life.  

You will be served, maybe not by the person you figure should be serving you.  

Yes there is a buffet.  I did not partake.  I ordered off the menu; sandwiches, soups and salads, saving a dollar or two, and probably several trips to the steam tables.  

Yes we are becoming vegans, or at least vegetarian.  Yes we are sophisticated, cool, informed diners knowing carrot juice foam from carrot slivers in an iceberg lettuce salad.  

Their salads, with foundations built of iceberg lettuce are fresh and untainted by sodium bisulfite, a plus in my book.  This means the lettice is not some days old, the browning at the edges bleached out.  I had a Hon-Dah style Oriental chicken salad topped with a fresh chicken breast.  I find some places serve a rubbery off-white strip that may be industrially concocted from little pieces decorated with grill marks.  Not so at the Indian Pines.

Indian Pines serves some very good soups, my favorite the mushroom.  Chili is home-made.

I've eaten several sandwiches.  Lots of them have the bacon and cheese components cafe dining seems to require these days. You can avoid that, or order cheese or bacon, or both, left off your sandwich.  Several have green chile, two have jalapenos and green chile.  I enjoyed my variety of turkey and beef sandwiches.  Nothing to swoon over, a decent meal.

There's a selection of hot and iced teas, I prefer peppermint.  If you're wandering the casino or headed back to your room, the snack bar has a variety of items, with free Folgers coffee around the corner.

It's just fine for me.  However, I am not an orphaned prince, reincarnated King of Belgium, or tycoon demanding deference with every step,  I'm just a guy needing a place to sleep, a table for writing Yelp* reviews from my little machine, and a nearby place to grab a quick bite.  Hon Dah Resort and Conference Center works for me.

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