Hollywood Park Casino

Address: 3883 West Century Blvd. Inglewood, CA 90303

Phone: 310-330-2800

Hollywood Park Casino Hollywood Park Casino is Los Angeles premier gaming casino specializing in the best Hold em Poker, Blackjack, Pai Gow Poker.


BY: Kev L-

Hollywood Park is about as rugged a casino that you can find at it's size. It can be hard to park in the valet without feeling that you're handing your keys over to the chop shop. It's likely that someone will ask you to borrow some money as you make your way through the casino floor to your game of choice. The food is decent, but the thing that has really kept it alive and running is the staff. Although there are numerous employees that work at HPC, there really is one that stood out to me from the rest and deserves to be mentioned in a review of the place.

After playing poker at Hollywood Park for over four years, I realized that it was time to move on. It was probably three years too long, but the one thing that stood out to me and really kept me going back to the casino was a poker floor manager named Sean. As a professional poker player, I've played at all the casinos around and I've established relationships with the floor managers at each casino. But Sean has treated me better than anyone else I've come across. Even though I've stopped playing at Hollywood Park, I still keep in touch with Sean and he still alerts me when the action is good even though he knows it's unlikely that I'll stick around. As a poker player, this is vital to finding out where the good games are. Hopefully I'll see Sean show up as a floor man at another casino that I'm playing at.

Overall, Hollywood Park is pretty grimey. The food is good, the employees are nice, but the ambience is terrible and the building is run down.


BY: Chloe M.


The outside is sweet when walking up it has the old Hollywood flare to it as if you were to step in you would step back in time. Where it would probably be full of smoke but girls in skimpy clothing would be walking around with drinks and men in their Hawaiian shirts and suits would be sitting at the gambling tables talking and laughing with a hoarse cough every once and awhile. A bar with a live band would be off to the side somewhere with a  little dance floor and when you would walk outside there would be tons of people nervously spectating a horse race that they bet way too much money on  but unfortunately that wasn't the case :/ Inside on the first level it's very old and dingy, it seemed so bland and boring like its livelihood died so many years ago.

The Belizean Independence Celebration 2012 which I was attending was held here on the second floor.  So there's not much for me to say about the place besides from what I glanced upon when making my way up.

I would have loved to come here during the 50's - 70's and maybe this review would have been entirely different.

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