Hawaiian Gardens Casino

Address: 11871 Carson. Street UK Angeles, CA 90716

Phone: 562-860-5887

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BY: Cathy K-

I can think up about fifty "HG Casino to Circus" analogies off the top of my head.

HG Casino is an institution around these parts for seedy gambling.  Much like a circus, their main structure is an Insta-Tent.  I used to joke about it looking like a portable tent when, lo' and behold, I found a sign outside that actually stated that it was an Insta-Tent.   *joy*  Much like a circus, the place is filled with freaks.  No kidding.  Seedy people from all walks of life like to sit in this mess of a casino trying to act like pros.  From young bucks to old men, this place has gott'em all.  Ew.

When I gamble, I like to gamble in nice surroundings, sipping on a dainty cocktail, and just... have fun.  Take a look at the faces of 99% of their patrons and you will see, THEY ARE NOT HAVING FUN.

I love poker, and I love gambling in general, but I make it a rule of thumb never to come here if I can help it.  Old men leer, young hoodrats bare their acrylic nails, and ghetto thugsters holla.  Not my cup o' tea.

Just walking into the place makes me claustrophobic.  I mean, ever heard of FIRE HAZARD and SAFETY LAWS?  I swear, this place is a disaster waiting to happen.

What's more, the service is just BLEH!  The dealers have told me on countless occasions, "NO KOREAN!" when I'm speaking to friends.  And WHY NOT, dear dealer?  Everyone else is speaking Vietnamese, yourself included!  How is that even fair?  I KNOW those shady old men yapping away in Vietnamese are cheating!  So why can't I speak my Korean to my fob friend?  Why not?!

The only saving grace about this place is the fact that they serve some cheap food 24 hours.  Korean, Japanese, Italian, American, Chinese, Thai, French, whatever.  They've got it all.  Surprisingly, their food tastes pretty good, too.  For that, I will bump up one extra star.

Otherwise, go to Commerce or Hollywood Park or Morongo or.. better yet, just go to Vegas


BY: Pete C.

People who refer to Hawaiian Gardens Casino as ghetto really don't know what ghetto is. The place is no Bellagio but most card rooms in LA are not found in your nice suburban neighborhoods on the west side or south orange county.

The food hear can range from very good, try their asian noodle dishes to bad, to decent. I normally don't eat when I am here as I think it seriously distracts from the game which is the main reason to come to the Gardens.

Now I like to play at the 100 no limit tables and have found the level of the game to be very good. I am not very talkative at a table but tend to have a very good time and find myself coming back.

I will say that if you are looking for a typical "Casino" experience, this is NOT the place for you. This is for the most part a card room and if you don't know what you are doing you will find plenty of friendly people willing to show you how for a price that is....


BY: Kong P

This is by far the absolute worst Casino I have ever been to.  Let's start with the decor.  What stupid idiot thought it would be a good idea to have hanging surfboards from the ceilings and random color-pencil style posters of plants and animals on the walls?  That seriously makes no sense at all.  As soon as you step through the door, you instantly realize that this place is a piece of shit.  

So I play anyway, and one hour in, I ask the dealer if he can call service for me so I can order food.  His response was "yeah just flag down one of the waiters."  At every other casino I've been to, the dealer will call service for the players when requested.  This blockhead was just too lazy to do it himself.  Since it's my first time here, I ask him "which ones are the waiters?"  to which he responds "I don't know."  HOW THE FUCK DO YOU WORK HERE AND NOT KNOW WHAT THE WAITERS LOOK LIKE?!

After asking the floor manager, I finally order food and not only did I pay $14 + tip for a bowl of seafood soup, but the worst part was that it tasted disgusting.  Possibly the worst soup I've ever had in my life.

Then, while I was involved in a VERY large pot, I was shuffling my chips and the dealer thought I checked, so he lets everyone check behind me and proceeds to burn and turn.  I stop him before the card comes up and tell him that I haven't acted yet.  He calls the floor over and explains the situation.

Floor: Since there was action after you, then we have to make you check.
Me: So if someone is shuffling their chips and I say check before they act then that means they have to check too?
Floor: [thinks about his idiotic decision] Well everyone in the hand is saying you checked...
Me: Obviously they're gonna say that, because they don't want me to bet!

This conversation went on for 5 minutes until I just gave up because this dipshit can't admit he made a mistake.  He ends the conversation with "If you're shuffling your chips then you're just asking for that to happen."  Wow.

The floor managers made MANY more mistakes

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