MGM Grand Casinos

Address:3799 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV 89109
Phone: 702- 891-1111
Mgm Grand Casinos - Open daily 9:00 am until the last games closes. Open Weekends at 7:00 am until the last game closes.


I would give this hotel a 4.5, but leaning more towards a 4 for a couple of reasons. However, this is now my favorite hotel on the strip.

The hotel has so much to offer. It is also a very family-friendly hotel. Most other hotels on the strip have nightlife inside the casino you must pass to get to your room, but this one seemed to be contained inside a club, which was very nice to see.

When we booked the hotel, we got $25 dining credit per night. I called concierge the day I checked in and was told I could use the credit all at once and they would cover the $75 ($25 for 3 nights) at the end of my stay. The person I talked to didn't sound confident in the answer so I called back on my 2nd night before I used the credit. I called concierge again, but the ENTIRE system was down so when they tried calling the front desk to get the answer for me they told me to go down to a specific desk. Since the system was down, that line was ridiculously long so we went to the bell desk to ask. They didn't know so they called the front desk and told me he was unsure if we would get the credit in full or if it reset every night, but he assumed so. So we went to use the credit at Cabana Grill, and after waiting 15 minutes in line, learned that we couldn't charge to the room because the system was still down. No one could check in or charge to the room. We had specific plans so this was the last time we had time to use it. Luckily we didn't, because we went down that night to see what we could do about the credit we couldn't use and learned it didn't rollover so it was only $25 a night, for 3 nights, not $75 total. We were not offered any credit, they told us it was over with and basically "oh well, too bad." Tip: The credit does not rollover!!!!

There is not very good customer service when it comes to these kind of comps. We were checked in within minutes. Almost every window, if not every window, was open. While the system was down, the line was incredibly long, but they were taking care of people. They were handing out waters on trays, etc. There was a walk from the parking structure to the lobby and rooms, but it wasn't bad. They have an amazing pool area. There are several pools to choose from, including a lazy river, which leads off to a mini pool with a waterfall. The lazy river was a hangout spot, but it didn't really make a difference. There is also a food court with an amazing chicken place, casual restaurants, and multiple specialty restaurants. They also have a good buffet.

The housekeeping and customer care was amazing! We called for extra towels and got it almost immediately. We then got a call from someone making sure we got our towels and seeing if we needed anything else. Usually it takes hours to get towels or we have to call again. The staff was also friendly when we had a question and directed us to the right people, calling them from their desk and allowing us to talk to them, rather than asking for us or giving us a long number to call. The hotel grounds are very nice. The room was clean, the casino didn't smell like smoke, and it looked nice overall. They also had a variety of sports in a large sports area that offered food and drinks. There were some kids in this area, so I'm assuming it was a family-friendly area, which was nice. They didn't limit their televisions to one or two sports, which was fantastic to see! The security in the hotel is also better than other hotels. They had a main lobby and then two separate areas. Those two towers had secured doors you needed to open with a key to access elevators and rooms. The wifi was actually free and it worked at NYNY, as well. As a guest, you get 4 devices for 48 hours. Overall, the rooms were nice, the staff was friendly (except when dealing with comps) and I enjoyed being on resort property. As a warning, they do charge the "hold" for the room and then say they will reverse the charge 3 days after check-out. Most just hold it and then release the hold upon checkout, so I found that a little strange. The hotel is also very wheelchair friendly. The beds are a little high in the accessible rooms, but that was the only complaint when it came to the rooms.

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