Fort McDowell Casino

Address: 10424 North Fort McDowell Road Fountain Hills, AZ 85264

Phone: 800-843-3678

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By: David G.- For starters, it is extremely poorly organized.  Whenever I go to a new casino, the first thing I do (before gambling) is sign up for the players club. Usually at a casino it is very easy to find. Not here. It was hidden in a back room of the casino, and I had to ask two staff members where it was before I finally found it. Second, at the main entrance (where I went in) I had to walk through the bingo room before reaching any slot machines.

Overall staff seemed friendly and helpful and overall provided excellent customer service. This is important because you will need them if you need to locate anything (like the players club or a restroom).

The casino is built in a very drab box structure, and I would describe this casino as "no thrills." The overall atmosphere consists of a very plain and uninteresting building with not that much to look at. To make matters worse, it was extremely smokey. Normally casinos have a ventilation system to handle the smoke problem. Not here. It was by far one of the smokiest casinos I have ever been to. You could  smell the smoke as soon as you entered the building.

The buffet was OK. The food was OK, the service was pretty good, and the menu options are very limited. The restrooms were pretty clean for the most part, but again, like everything else in this casino, were quite smokey.

In terms of fairness, I managed to win $10 using the $10 free play bonus I got for signing up. After playing it back I won another $10 and ended up using that to pay for my meal at the buffet. I therefore would classify their slots as relatively fair based on my first time gambling here.

This is the only casino in Arizona I have been to so far where you get 1 point per dollar spent. Usually it's 1 point per $5. This is much fairer, and matches the rules at the Vegas casinos. Each point entitles you to a comp of approximately one cent, so you get 1 cent per dollar played. This is probably the best thing about this casino.

BY: Alexis R- Oh.  Dear.  God.

The people that complained about smoky?  They were  SERIOUSLY understating the case.  The casino REEKS from about 25 feet from the entrance!!  This is the WORST ventilation system of any casino I've ever stepped foot in.  Even a smoker with a full blown case of emphysema and nicotine stained fingers would choke in here!

By contrast, the bingo room was really well ventilated--you could actually hear the giant air handlers moving the stale air out.  So much better in fact, that even though we HATE bingo, we lingered and were chatting with the employees of the bingo room.

The buffet?  We went on a Saturday, and the website for FMC said that it was brunch until 2:30.  We got there right at 12 and I was craving scrambled eggs and maybe, if I was lucky, a waffle.
HA!  No brunch.  Beef ribs.  Roasted chicken. Breaded fried Tilapia, salad bar. Pie.
To be fair, the beef ribs and the tilapia (and the blueberry pie) were good.  Everything else had an odd flavor like they had accidentally dripped some Mr. Clean into a few pots and pans and forgot to rinse them.

Skip this whole experience.  It's not going to kill you, but it's not pleasurable either.

We may go back for Lunar Bingo, but we will park right by the Bingo room and avoid every other portion of this casino.
I will update my review if warranted.

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