Desert Diamond Casino

7350 S. Nogales Hwy Tucson, AZ 85746

Phone: 800-344-9435

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BY: Michael P.-

Coordinated my units holiday party here and got really good service.

From start to finish their sales, marketing, catering, and all other staff were extra helpful and provided great communication. They were patient and understanding of the unique demands of our function and my constant travels.

The cost to quality ratio you get with the Desert Diamond is one of the best in Tucson I shopped around and for a holiday party this place can't be beat.

I knocked a star off for the tribal tax, smokey casino, and metered drink pours that seem to provide a watered down beverage experience. The food they catered was well received by our party and the event went great. The hotel is actually quite nice and the service I received was excellent

BY: Jacki B.- the worst food i had in a long time. What a joke. the pizza had almost no sauce and for sure no taste, The grilled turkey was a real joke too. Soggy bread, the worst workmanship I've seen. my topping just thrown on the plate. Frys over cooked greasy crap. The manager has no clue. This is what you get when you hire second class mexicans and don't bother to train them how to do the job right. I mean really WHAT A JOKE. The manager asked me what was wrong with it. haha. come on your food is SICK.  grossIt was a little while back when I was there, so I'll keep my review simple:


BY: Sitha L. Not the biggest casino in Tucson, but the closest. This is very popular amongst my friends and family when we're looking fo something to do and going clubbing is not in favor. Now they do have a club called Monsoon that, I believe, plays 90's music on Saturday nights. Sometimes, you just got to take it back to the good ol' days. But I'm there to make risky decision with money I shouldn't be gambling with. Which doesn't pay out too well. But the adrenaline that rushes to you when you know your chances are high and the disappointed slapped in your face when a card is turned over is what I'm here for. For the most part, I'm not the gambler lol but I love to watch and learn how the games are played. My friends have had good nights and bad but thats what gambling is all about. I think losing is what draws people in even more.

Can't people watch very long? Desert Diamond offer a seafood buffet on Mondays. Not the best but where can you find fresh seafood in the desert? There's also a steak restaurant which was not too bad either.

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