Crystal Park Casino

Address: 7617 123 East Artesia Blvd. Compton, CA 90220

Phone: 310-661-4808

Crystal Park Casino LA's top Casino Hotel! Located just 10 minutes from Downtown Long Beach and the Los Angeles International Airport, Crystal Casino & Hotel features luxurious ...



This place is very close to where I work, I go here with some co-workers every once in a while.

This place is a hidden gem for sure! You have to walk all the way to the back of the casino to find the restaurant which is small and dark, but surprisingly very clean.

There is a lot to choose from and the prices are so cheap, but the food is still good. I have only had sandwiches, but my co-workers have all enjoyed the meals they got.

The best thing about this place is the low prices.  Service may be lacking, but it is decent. This place is always pretty empty during lunch, I have never been here for dinner, and would not recommend going alone, or at night as it is in a shady area

By Chris: came after work on a Tuesday evening.

- Traffic! Big building calling my name! Hop off the 91. Play time :)
- Compton. Sketchy. Nuff Said.
- Big Bingo. Small table games. Not very many people playing black jack
- No bust blackjack?! Huh? Confused...
- Weird smell? BYOF. Own Food. haha. Hot Cheetos and Takis!
- Hard to admit, but if I had to rank, Commerce and Hawaiian Gardens are better. Way better.


Boy what a dump...Some friends and I went on a trip to LA for a boxing event and this hotel was closest to the Arena...I didn't book the hotel...another friend did, and why he booked one in Compton is beyond my understanding...

Approaching the hotel there were several cop cars and police officers searching for something (a dead body perhaps???) under the freeway...As if that didn't rattle my nerves enough there's several thugs in the casino wanting to have fistfights...I wouldn't mind a little tussle, but my Kung-Fu is no match for their Gun-Fu.

There's also enough hookers to repopulate the whole state of Nevada...I was constantly harassed for "chips" at the tables and flashed certain body parts inappropriately...the mosquitoes smell fresh meat!

We went out of a late snack in the area and found this drive-thru restaurant...Seedy neighborhood, there's bullet-proof windows and reinforced steel sliding panels at this place.  It literally looked like a battlezone...

Overall, don't come here!  At least now I can say I survived Compton.

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