Commerce Casino

Address: 6131 East Telegraph Road Commerce, CA 90040

Phone: 323-721-2100

Commerce Casino Blackjack and poker room located in Commerce, near downtown Los Angeles


BY: Charles D- If you're having that urge to play some poker then there's no place else like commerce casino. Take note I said POKER... the games here for texas hold em no limit range buy ins from $40, $100, $200 , $400 on the main room. Limit poker and omaha have tables as well. The great thing about this place is you will always get action no matter what time of day. There will always be tables that are full and the floor men always help out in balancing the tables.

If you will be expecting players that go by the book then get ready to go on tilt. This is a casino where the people that were used to casino table games sometimes try their luck on the poker tables as well. Quality of game will always vary like any other poker room.

Having a well lit parking lot where you won't feel you will get jacked after winning a good amount is really one of the things i love about commerce. The food here is just as good as the action too. From chinese, korean, japanese, american and mediterrenean,  its all there all day.

This is a really neat Casino (not to mention I came out ahead).



BY: Brian W. I love that there are card rooms and casinos grandfathered into legal gambling within the County of Los Angeles.

Commerce lacks the glamour and upscale nature of Vegas, or in fact the few Casinos I'be been to run by Native Americans.  However if you want to play cards is conveniently off the I-5. Lots of tables of varying stakes.

I played 2-4 Limit Hold 'Em. I am neither player nor baller.


Tough one...Huge casino for poker. Good tournament structures, too. However, I HATE sitting at a table, and constantly having my chair bumped. The tables are just too close together. You cannot pull your chair out without hitting the person at the next table. And forget about walking between tables. There is absolutely no isles. It scares me, if there were an earthquake or fire, what would happen.

Also, their rake is pretty high, AND unlike The Bike, they don't comp your food.

I always valet park my car...and it takes forever to get it back at the end of the night. Unless there is a really good series here, I don't go.

On the positive side, they do have a hotel. So, if it gets too late, and your tired, you can get a room at a reasonable price.

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