Club Caribe Casino

Address: 7617 Atlantic Avenue Cudahy, CA 90201

Phone: 323-560-5995

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BY: Patrick M.- I've always been really nervous about venturing to this casino.  I think it's the only one I hadn't been to, it was way off in a neighborhood that I wasn't familiar with and didn't want to get jacked.

I decided of skip out of work early now that it's staying light longer and head over to check it out.  It's a bit of a drive from I-710, just over a mile, but it's just a few lights after you turn left (south) onto Atlantic and it'll be on your right.  The two roads that you drive along are pretty busy roads, but you can see that the residential areas start just behind the stores.  That makes me more nervous then places like by where Commerce and Crystal Park are, that are totally industrial and there isn't random foot traffic.  People aren't going to hike it 20 miles to commit a crime, they'll walk around the corner and jack you.  Long story show, like Hollywood Park, I'll go back but leave before it gets dark.  I felt completely safe even if a bit out of place.

Anyways, so I get there around 6:30 after cruising around the area a bit to get my bearings. The view from the street is a bit opposing, so I decided to just drive through the parking lot as if I was turning around, then head to the Bike.  But as I got around to the back side I realized that I was actually at the front, which was far more welcoming.  

So I duck in with the plan to just ask a few questions with the guise that I was just getting off work and didn't have time to play.  When I walk in I'm greeted with looks like a small bar with quite a few people watching TV and enjoying the happy hour.  I look to the right and see a seating area for eating food etc, but when I look to the left I see gaming tables.  There's two games going from the shape and how the dealer is positioned relative to the table I realize they are table games (Blackjack, Pai Gow etc...) and there's a few empty poker tables.  sadness.

I asked the floor man and he told me that the table had just broken, and since I was going to join, there would be enough players to get going again.  Their website states that they usually have no-limit hold'em, that's usually only the case on Monday's when they have a NLHE tournament, usually they are just spreading a $2/4 LHE game.  Which is fine by my account, as this is what I play.

There's a $1 drop, and there was a $2 drop every time I checked, but most of the time we were playing six handed or less, so maybe at a full table it's more.

The game is played with a half-kill after a player wins two consecutive pots (huh? go here or message me and I'll explain it to you).  The play was pretty weak passive, as I think I sat down with a bunch of people that had been playing amongst themselves for a few hours.  Everyone seemed to know someone there, so like walking outside, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb, it's not like people were staring at me, no one probably noticed, I just think too much.

Anyways, like I said the play was pretty weak with probably 40% of the pots being chopped.  Which is fine, I like riding through the blinds for free.  

When I got there at 6:30 there was plenty of parking, but when I left the lot was packed.  Most people there were playing the table games or at the bar drinking.  It really had the feel of a bar with a poker room in the back, it's just that it was right up front.  If you ever want a free copy of Poker Player newspaper, CardPlayer mag or Poker Pro mag, they have huge stacks.

I can't think of anything else, message me if you got questions.


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