Cliff Castle Casino

353 Middle Verde Road Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Phone: 800-381-7568

Cliff Castle Casino We know you have many choices when it comes to casinos in Arizona. But only one offers you more - Cliff Castle Casino Hotel. From our spacious aisles to our ...


BY: Trish S- This is a really neat Casino (not to mention I came out ahead).

It is a bit of a drive from Phoenix in Camp Verde, and my husband and I always pass it on our way to Northern AZ but we usually have a mission or the kids with us, so we never stop.

We had the chance to stop in November. We walked in, the place is clean, has a neat arcade for kids, and...wait for it....Day care. I was floored I had not seen a daycare in a Casino before. They had a big jungle gym area, the had game consoles...heck they even had iPad stations.

Part of me wanted to go into the kids play area instead of the table games area.

I was really pleased with the layout of the casino as well, not huge but you certainly do not feel crowded, the dealers are friendly, and the table prices are about what you would find in Phoenix.

All in all, when I have the opportunity to come back I will certainly try my luck at their Black Jack table again.

BY: Tom G- If I could give zero stars to this dump, I would. I went there planning on doing some gambling. My wife and I went to the restaurant and got seated at a table. The table had not been cleaned and when my wife told the bus boy, he could care less. He did a quick job of cleaning it up. I noticed the carpet all over the restaurant was covered with food and debris. I also saw the drink area was covered with food, debris, and filth. I can only imagine what the kitchen might be like. It seemed like there was a neon sign saying "Eat here if you enjoy food poisoning!!" I left and did not spend one dime there. Avoid this place at all cost!



BY: Hanna R..

Cliff Castle Casino is a great little gem in the middle of nowhere.  My mom won 2 seperate jackpots on 2 different machines on our very first trip there, so you could definitely say I have fond memories of it!

CCC is extremely kid-friendly, and extremely wallet-unfriendly.  There's a small Discovery Zone type play area in one of the back corners where you can leave your offspring for a small fortune while you play out your entire tax return.  There's also a cool little retro-styled bowling alley and a decent-sized video game arcade in the same area for the people smart enough to have brought a designated babysitter.

There are several restaurants inside, including the CCC's own casual dining establishment (the menu looked pretty good, nicely chosen items for not too much $$) and a horribly overpriced but very delicious Johnny Rockets.  Those are hard to come by in AZ, so we ate there, and were stuffed to the gills with amazing milkshakes and fat burgers.

We don't live near Cliff Castle but if we did, we would probably go here often.  It was very well-staffed in case of problems, and for a smoking-allowed casino was clean and well-ventilated.  If you're in the area and feel like losing a little money, this is a good place to do it!

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