Casino of the Sun

7406 S. Camino de Oeste Tucson, AZ 85746

Phone: 800-344-9435

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BY: Tia H.- Remember that scene in Vegas Vacation where they go to that casino that specializes in games like Rock/Paper/Scissors, Guess Which Hand, and Guess a Number between 1 & 10? Well, that is kind of what I expected when we went there for the first time. It's off the beaten path, small and VERY un- casino like. Especially when you compare it with its more flashy brother right up the road.
But I have to tell you, the staff is helpful. You might have to wait a bit longer because they don't ever seem to have a ton of floor attendants but that's not a deal breaker. They have a decent selections of machines. (no table games here!) The food has always been fine too. They even offer a 20% discount for members of the military! Not too shabby.
And if I had to pick between the del Sol casinos and Desert Diamond I would choose del Sol every time. Not to mention, their club card is FAR superior. You earn points faster, they offer great comp, have better service, and always fun and FREE entertainment.

BY: Rand H.- It was a little while back when I was there, so I'll keep my review simple:

The lunch buffet was fantastic, for $5!  The staff was super nice!  I won money at the slots!  I can't overstate what a wonderful time I had here!

There it is.

BY: Frank P.

Unfortunately, it seems that when the busiines picked up, the service went down to what it was before - horrible. The food quality is suspect, though still within the "acceptable" range. I would be very careful of what you eat there, since there is absolutely no control over who toucjes the food, etc.

If you even try to call these people, they will usually just hang up on you. Management states that the buffet loses money and that they do not really want people who come there to have a meal. They want you to gamble your money away at their slot machines. Apparently, you are not important unless you have a gambling habit.

I would stay far, far away from this place.

The only reason they got the one star is because the system here will not allow a "zero star" rating. You would be better of spending your money somewhere else.

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