Casino Arizona

Address:9700 E. Indian Bend Scottsdale, AZ 85256
Phone: 800-WIN-GILA
Casino Arizona - Feel the win with the Valley's best dining, gaming and entertainment. Located off Mckellips and the 101 in the Phoenix area


Review: The first time I came to Arizona (Easter 2003) to visit family, we decided we have got to go gambling, since it was the desert and all.  I was only 18, and this was all new to me.  So I ended up going to Casino Arizona twice that trip.

9 years later...

I come back in town, and I saw a building that looked creepishly familiar... And this time it was only 10 minutes from where I was staying!  Could this be true?

This place is a pretty big stand-alone casino.  It's actually fairly pretty on the outside...
Parking is plentiful and it shows- I could only imagine how many people this place holds!

They have 2 entrances, and a few restaurants.  But lets be honest, I was only interested in Wheel Of Fortune (my gambling weakness).  This place is filled with smoke and geriatrics, and I love it, because I am here to win money, not pick up people as old as my grandmother.  If you want a younger crowd, go up 101N to the resort @ Talking Stick, where there is the younger crowd.

I came here on multiple occasions, and I found the best success Sunday Morning @ 9AM.  Fri and Sat nights get crowded from 7-10 so plan accordingly if you want to play a certain machine- this place gets FILLED!

Although I always leave empty handed (damn you cash advances!), I always enjoy myself- and my buddy won a few hundred bucks so at least someone got on top!

This place has a sentimental value and as long as this place is around, I really don't see a need to head to Vegas- or maybe I have lost my mind?  

This place even has dance bars, bars, high roller, and non-smoker rooms too.

Review: Talking stick has better slots but this place has the Vegas wheel of fortune!

Whenever i visit vegas; Monte carlo hotel to be exact, they have the WHEEL of fortune game there, i always play max: $4.00/hand and hit 1000 twice in the same night.. so i thought i'd try my luck here..


left -400

slots here are NOT FUN, NO tiki torches, if there were any and i missed it than there was probably people on them at all times!!

rude kids here that think they are so cool, walking around and insulting females.

Review: Meh is right.

The food is good--you can get a lot of eats on your plate at the buffet, but in the smoky gambling area, I have definitely seen better.

Lots of machines, but kind of false advertising.  When they talk about a penny machine, they need to mean it.  When I looked at the penny machine, it said that the minimum bet was 80 credits.  That means that it's not a penny machine, it's an eighty cent machine.  The minimum for the two cent machine is twenty credits.  Okay, so that's a forty cent machine.  Sucks.  Last time I was in Vegas, a penny machine was a penny machine, and you had the option for 1 credit if that's what you wanted.  You could put $40 in the machine and sit there for a while--maybe you'd lose all of it, but you had fun for 45 minutes to an hour.  Or, maybe you'd walk away with $42 or $45 dollars.  Either way, you had fun for a long time.  At the machines here, your fun doesn't last, and the machines are pretty tight.

Nah.  I'll pass next time.  If you're just looking to gamble for fun, don't come here.  There are better options available.

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