Bucky's Casino

Bucky's Casino

1500 Hwy 69 Prescott, AZ 86304

Phone: 800-96PINES

Bucky's Casino Bucky's and Yavapai Casinos are sure to have your game. ... Bucky's Casino 1500 E. Highway 69 Prescott, AZ 86301 Yavapai Casino 1505 E. Highway 69 ...


BY: Had R- Hardly a bonus feature on the machines. I don't come here to play, I come here to eat good cheap ribs (if you are a member on the players club) and the great barman on the 3rd floor who makes a mean drink!  $2 strong mojitos, $2 Halloween drinks and $2 Christmas drinks.  

I have seen people win a nice sum, but very rarely get bonus features on the machines and most people don't seem to win.   But still its busy.

I found out that you can go into the Hotel on the second floor and they have a more comfortable area and for beers it winds up cheaper than the casino bar and live music the last time i was there.

Not the greatest Casino around Prescott, but its local.

BY: April H- We stayed at the adjoining hotel, which was great. This is an older, smaller casino and was pretty busy on Saturday night. I don't usually play the dealer games, but did notice some were very friendly. Of course it smells like any other smoke filled casino, so bring your Febreeze if you're not used to it!  The machines for slots seem to be quite new which I liked


BY: Monica J.

As the other reviewers have stated, this casino is small and smokey. Also, it felt very dirty and run down. I didn't really enjoy my time there because of that.

However, considering the size of the place, I was impressed at the amount of Blackjack tables they had and I even saw a poker room, which is pretty rare for an Arizona casino. They had all the latest video-slots such as Sex In The City, Wizard of Oz... and a Lord of the Rings game that I had never played before. They also had a really cool video Roulette game up on the third floor... it was one of the ones with the big screen and a lady talks to you and spins the wheel. They had the same thing for craps, too, which I have never seen anywhere else. Those machines are pretty much as close as you can get to the table games without a live person there.

I really debated about two or three stars since they don't have any good restaurants, bars, or shopping at all but as far as the gaming goes it's not too bad for a casino outside of Las Vegas.  If I had based it solely on the gambling aspect I probably would have given three or four stars. But I need some additional amenities to keep me entertained for more than an hour so I have to give it just two stars.  This place really wouldn't cut it in Phoenix or Tucson but I guess for a small town it's not bad.

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