Bicycle Casino

Address: 7301 Eastern Avenue Bell Gardens, CA 90201

Phone: 800-625-7864

Bicycle Casino If you've ever wondered what a casino in Los Angeles is all about, the Bicycle Casino LA can show you what it's all about.


BY: Benay K.- Personally, I really like this place. Especially since they built their amazing tournament room.


1) Tables are spaced well enough apart, that you don't get the back of your chair hit every time the guy at the next table moves. And, the isles are easy to walk between tables.

2) When you play at any yellow chip table (so, $100+ buy in), you get comped food.

3) Table side service, and the food is good!

4) Good cash dealers

5) Clean bathrooms.

6) Clean tables and chips

7) Great floor guys

8) Nice huge tournament room


1) Tournament dealers are 50/50. Some are good, some really suck, and have no freakin clue.

2) Depending on the table you sit at in the tournie room, you are either comfortable of Freakin freezing. Like icicles hanging from your eye balls cold. 115 degrees outside? Bring a jacket, just in case you are stuck in the North Pole.

3) No longer have table service in the tournie room. That's BS

BY: Edwin C..

Just like HG Casino (see review) and Commerce Casino (see review).... I've been coming here for about 10 years.  If I was writing this review some 5 years ago, maybe it'd be a 4 star.

Back in the day, I really digged this place.  Games were a little more difficult, but definitely beatable.  The best thing about this place is that it was featured on the World Poker Tour (WPT), so once a year during the "Legends of Poker" event you'd get a ton of celebrities and poker pros.... which in turn would bring out the fishies.  They've expanded it, made the tournament area bigger, but it's gotten a little less classy (in my eyes).

The NL Texas Hold 'em section is nice.  Games seem to be more loosy goosy here.  If that's what you like, by all means.  Lots of locals that seem to have an "I'm a much better poker player than you" stick up their butts.  That's what I don't like.  They do have a good players card deal.... free meals with at least one hour of play.

FOOD!!!  Of all the local L.A. poker rooms, this place is great for their kabobs.  Just like I said in my review of H.G. (which caters to Asians), The Bike has a lot of Middle Eastern peeps.  So their kabobs are AMAZING!!!

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