THREE OF A KIND-three cards of the same rank, also referred to as trips or a set. You have trips if a pocket pair matches one of the cards on the board, or if one of your pocket cards matches a pair on the board, or if three of a kind appears on the board. Note that more than one player can hold three of the same kind. If a pair of Aces is on the board, and you hold one Ace and an opponent holds the other Ace, you both have three Aces. If three of a kind appears on the board, all players have at least three of a kind.

The best five cards determine the winner.

In the following example both players have three of a kind "fives". The hand is a split pot since the best five cards play, that is, three of a kind fives, with an Ace and a King. The Ace and the King are community cards which belong to all players and count towards making the hand.

Three of a Kind Example

7 of Spades 5 of Spades 5 of Diamonds Ace of Spades King of Diamonds
5 of Clubs Jack of Spades      


five of hearts Queen of Spades      

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