Basic Slight

The Mechanics Grip

At the core of all sleight of hand card tricks are a few base moves and methods. In this page we will cover the mechanic's grip. The mechanic's grip is the basic way you hold the deck of cards for almost all tricks. It is a simple method on how you position your fingers on the around the deck.

To form the Mechanic's Grip, first hold the deck in your hand with your palm facing up. Take your pointer finger [1] and move it to the side facing away from you. Take your middle [2] , index [3] and pinkie finger [4] position them on side of the deck. Finally your thumb [5] holds the deck together on the opposite side of the other fingers. With this grip, more of the deck is covered by your hand, making it harder for the spectators to see what you are doing. The position of your fingers help in many tricks like the double lift, peeking, and more.

mechanics grip

  1. Pointer Finger
  2. Middle Finger
  3. Ring Finger
  4. Pinky Finger
  5. Thumb

This grip is essential to learning magic tricks. I recommend beginners to magic tricks and card tricks to practice holding a deck of cards with this grip. Walk around and use your hands while holding a deck with the mechanics grip. This will help you train your hands to act normal while holding the deck. If you are to master card tricks , it is vital that you keep practicing simple holds and moves on a daily basis. Do it so much that its second nature to you. Your friends and family should become accustomed to seeing you with a deck of cards in your hand.

The Biddle Grip

The biddle grip is a simple hold that is frequently used in card tricks. You can use a biddle grip to hold a deck, multiple cards, or a single card. It is commonly used in transferring cards and showing cards.

Hold the deck in your right hand using the mechanics grip..

With your left hand reach over and grab the top card in your right hand

Your left hand thumb should be on the short side that is facing towards yourself and your middle and index finger should be on the opposite short side of the deck.

Your pinkie can be in the corner.

the biddle grip

  1. thumb
  2. middle finger
  3. ring finger
  4. pinkie finger

The Glide

The Glide is a card trick basic move that allows you to give the appearance you are dealing the bottom card from the deck when you are actually dealing the second to bottom card.

Performing the Glide

Hold the deck in the mechanics grip, face up. Then turn your whole hand over. The cards should be now face down. Using your fingers, move the bottom card towards yourself just a small bit (fractionally). This will allow your other hand to pull off the second from bottom card, and put it on the table. You can use your pinky finger to then square up the deck. This card trick basic move is pretty easy and should only take you a little practice to perform smoothly.

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