Super Skimmer


A cool magic trick where of six cards is selected by a spectator from the magician. The chosen card is then counted off and placed into the middle of the pack. Spectator then tells magician to stop when when the pile of cards that he is dealing out is large enough, The spectator then holds the cards loosely while the magician proceeds to skim the cards out of the spectator's hand until the only one remaining is the chosen card.


  1. Select seven cards from the top of the deck, it does not matter what they are.Now, spread out the cards with only six of them showing with the remaining seventh card hidden behind and slightly lower than the others.
  2. Have a spectator select a card and then replace it back into the deck which you still have them fanned out in front of them.
  3. Now, proceed to count out from the right what number his card is from the end. Then quickly close the fan and count that number of cards down onto the table.
  4. Then place the counted cards into the cent er of the deck and place the remaining cards back on top of the deck If this is performed correctly then the chosen card will now be on top of the pack.
  5. Next, begin dealing the cards from the deck onto the table one by one, and allow the spectator to decide when you stop. After they shout stop! , pick up the pile on the table and place it between two of the spectator's fingers (preferably at a slight angle so that they are holding the cards at the second knuckle).
  6. Now tell them to grip the cards. Now proceed to hit your hand off each of the cards with a fast brushing motion until only one card is remaining. The only card that the spectator should now be holding is their previously selected. card.

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