STRAIGHT—five cards of differing suits in sequential order. The higher the rank of the top card, the higher the straight. The highest possible straight is an Ace-high straight (A, K, Q, J, 10). The lowest possible straight is A, 2, 3, 4, 5, and is often referred to as a bicycle or wheel. At least three of the cards in the straight must come from the board.

Example of a Straight

The player in the following example has a straight from "3 to 7". Seven being the top end of the straight. This is important because a player holding a 4 and an 8 would have a higher straight that being a straight from "four to eight"

7 of Spades 5 of Spades 5 of Diamonds 6 of Clubs Jack of Diamonds
3 0f Spades 4 of Spades      

Example of a Bicycle Straight

A bicycle straight is a special type of straight where an Ace card plays as a one and forms the bottom end of the straight. A person who holds a bicycle straight has a straight from "Ace to five", five being the high end and would be beat by a player holding a straight from "2 to 6".


2 of Diamonds 5 of Spades Ace of Diamonds 8 of Clubs Jack of Diamonds
3 0f Spades 4 of Spades      

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